Entry #1

My song finally got into the portal, also other things

2012-06-10 18:09:34 by Blazirc

So my song "Walls" got into the portal, and I would say it's a good way to start my time here at NG. I'm still looking for an icon and profile picture though. Also, I'm working on new things atm and they should be submitted in a few weeks or less. I know probably none of you will read this, but idc, I'm really bored and I just wanted to put this down so lol


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2012-06-15 20:36:06

Yeah that's really important man, keep up the good work.

...forever alone


2012-06-19 21:28:16

So you think people are stupid who realize that this generation fucking sucks? Maybe you're just the stupid one, and a pawn too.

Congratulations! >:(

Blazirc responds: